Vera Rankovic


Born in Belgrade, Yugoslavia, (today Serbia), but schooled in the USA (BFA, Museum School of Art, Tufts University, Boston MA) I have spent most of my career as a TV journalist. But I have never stopped working in painting, ceramics, mosaic, sculpture. The result: participation in numerous juried group exibitions and several one-man (woman) shows.

Artist statement

I take art very seriosly.

When I was young, it was just difficult to deal with. I was too strict with myself, expecting too much, a masterpiece every time, it was no fun. So I just stopped working in art and went into a totally different profession, one that many consider hard, but for me it was much easier then art - journalism.

It was challenging, creative, always learning something new. But I never gave up on art entirely. It was always there and waiting to be picked up and continued at any moment.

After a successful career, where I even earned something of a name for myself as a fighter for human rights, I decided to change my life entirely : went into early retirement, remarried, withdrew from public life and gave up my apartment in the city for a country estate. And, most importantly, I returned to ART full time.

For me, ART is something spontaneous, a delving into my deeper, subconscious self. Now, I feel strong and mature enough to be able to deal with it, and with success and satisfaction - most of the time.

My paintings are large, done quickly, and several at the time. I do them in stages, returning to them later and looking at them with new eyes. I love vibrant and opposite colors and the way thay change and affect each other when you combine them. I love texture. I have developed some new techniques in mosaic and ceramics and have lately been making sculpture combining all three: ceramic pieces, mosaic and painting. This is an effort to take the best qualities of all three art forms : shape, texture and color and make them into a new, aesthetically and intellectually pleasing whole: ceramosculpture.